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Hoist Announces European Expansion Through Acquisition of Syntrium

February 22, 2023

Hoist Global Tech Solutions is pleased to announce they have further expanded their European services through the partnership with Syntrium, a European-based IFS implementation partner with operations in the Netherlands and Belgium. As Hoist continues to turn their global vision into a reality, this strategic partnership gives them the ability to further extend their service offerings in the European region, and ultimately support global companies with a European footprint.
“Joining Hoist is going to be great for our team,” said Patrick Vermeulen, Managing Partner of Syntrium “I have worked with members of Hoist for a long time. The past growth of Hoist combined with their drive for future growth has given us complete confidence in our decision to partner.”

“Syn in Syntrium stands for Synergy”, said Koen Gielen, CEO of Syntrium. “Synergy in product, synergy between people. We believe that this partnership will strengthen capabilities to add value to customers in the focus regions of Belgium, Netherlands, Continental Europe, and ultimately globally.”

“We are extremely pleased with the expansion of our company through our partnership with Syntrium and the expertise that they bring with them,” said Nick Mezher, Chief Executive Officer of Hoist, “as our reach continues to expand across the globe, we take great pride in being able to strengthen our ability to support customers in Europe.”

With Syntrium also being an implementation partner of IFS in a key region of Europe, this partnership is a sign of increasing momentum for Hoist. As a global systems integrator of IFS, having resources with decades of IFS experience in the Benelux region is crucial to Hoist’s global strategy.

“Joining forces with a company like Syntrium is a huge step forward for Hoist.” said Dale Germain, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of Hoist, “I personally have worked with the founders of Syntrium for close to 20 years. I have always been impressed with their capabilities and professionalism. The reality of now working as one team with Syntrium is a strong indication of where Hoist is heading.”

About Hoist – Hoist Global Tech Solutions is an IFS Partner and global systems integrator founded in 2019. With a focus on service continuity throughout the entire ERP journey of IFS clients, Hoist is a customer-oriented organisation with a goal to be there from start to finish. With 9 locations across the globe and 200 employees, Hoist is quickly becoming one of the biggest players in the IFS Partner market.

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About Syntrium – Syntrium is a European-based company that makes it their mission to make your administrative operating procedures efficient and effective. With the motto “Your company doesn’t change but the way it works does”.

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