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At Hoist, we believe in making a positive impact beyond business. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we are committed to addressing societal challenges and fostering sustainable development. Explore how we are partnering with communities and organizations to create lasting change.

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Cycle For Cancer
Gear up for a good cause with HOIST!
Members of our European team are cycling 1000 km from May 9-12, 2024, to raise funds for cancer research.
Support our team's fundraising goal! 

Visit: Hoist | Stand up to Cancer (
Reverse Osmosis Plant 
Collaborating with the dedicated members of IFS, Hoist ventured into a rural village in Sri Lanka to inaugurate a reverse-osmosis facility. 
This initiative brings the gift of clean, drinking water to families residing in the area, significantly enhancing their quality of life.

Visit: Hoist | Reverse Osmosis Plant  
Cricket Tournament 2023
Hoist, in collaboration with the IFS Foundation, organized a cricket tournament among Sri Lankan IFS partners. The fundraising target is to raise funds for the IFS Foundation for crucial initiatives including healthcare, clean water, sanitation, education, and employment, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Visit: Hoist | Cricket Tournament 2023
Empower Werulugahamula
Join the IFS Foundation in empowering Werulugahamula, a resilient Sri Lankan community striving for better living conditions. Your support can address infrastructural challenges, like sanitation, preventing diseases and ensuring children's education. Together with HOIST, let's make a difference and create opportunities for a brighter future.

Join us in transforming lives!
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